SQ RTA microphone with 3.5 mm jack connection cable to cinch (female). Suitable for all ETON DSP amplifiers. Required for the integrated RTA function of the ETON DSP amplifiers.

The ETON RTA3.5 is a newly developed, high-quality RTA microphone for measuring vehicle interior acoustics and is required for the RTA function (Real Time Analyzer) integrated in the current ETON DSP amplifiers. It enables fine frequency response measurements in the vehicle interior and thus offers the user the possibility to optimally adjust the loudspeakers and subwoofers installed in the vehicle to the acoustic conditions. The high-quality 160 mm aluminium SQ RTA microphone has a 5 m long, detachable, multi-shielded RCA jack cable that has been specially designed for ETON amplifiers.

The RTA3.5 is optimised for use with modern Class-D amplifiers and has a measuring range of 20 Hz - 20 kHz with a sensitivity of -35 ±4 dB (0 dB = 1V/pa, @ 1 kHz). A signal-to-noise ratio of > 62 dB, an impedance < 2.2 K?, the operating voltage of 2 V with a current consumption of max. 0.5 mA and the undervoltage operation of approx. -3 dB @ 1.5 V are guarantees for an optimal measurement. Precise time-of-flight corrections, actual-value control and the exact adjustment of active filters (for the adjustment of crossover frequencies, shelf filters and phase positions) as well as the exact setting of EQ bands in the frequency spectrum can thus be realised: full control thanks to the Real Time Analyzer and RTA3.5 RTA microphone - Engineered in Germany.

Technical Data