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RSR 160 - sound character "extraordinary" ETON's newest 16 cm compo system ic characterized through many innovations and precise sound character      

The year 2013 can be called the most innovative in ETONs history, because of a matchless reface and modernization of many products. The new RSR 160 compo system is something very unique - the membrane of the woofer consists of a Carbon-Rohacell material mixture, which is built in sandwich construction for incredible enhancement of bass reproduction. Also in the midrange it inspires with its linearized frequency response. The terminals have screw- as well as plug options and a newly designed rubber band protects the strong magnet, which also got developed new and inspires with optimized air flow and enhanced magnet field balance..If the RSR 160 is heard for the first time it is a manifestation. Voices and instruments sound completely present and natural, with lot of pressure and level. The hand-coated silk domes guarantee finest dynamic and constant performance. Even the x overs got optimized and technically enhanced. The RSR 160 stands for sound character made in Germany.

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