The new POW+ and PRO+ systems impress all along the line - increased high-frequency performance thanks to newly developed 28 mm silk dome tweeters in the small 25 mm installation dimension.

These masterpieces of engineering convince with their smart design: this means more power in the lower treble range with the same installation dimension! Due to the large 28 mm voice coil in combination with an extremely 

compact coupling volume, an increase in performance in the lower high frequency range could be achieved, thus a deeper separation is possible. The new design now has a resonant frequency of 1300 Hz, 

a full 500 Hz lower than its predecessor! A deep separation in active mode (already from 2.4 kHz/12 dB) are the result, so the woofer / midrange blends even easier with the tweeter unit. The plus tweeters of the PRO16+ 

are additionally equipped with a hand-applied coating, this additionally brings an even finer and smoother sound result with increased brilliance and increased detail imaging. In addition, the 

omnidirectional characteristics of the + tweeters have been improved thanks to the new dome geometry. Convince yourself of our best POW and PRO systems Made in Germany to date!