The ultimate upgrade in terms of sound and completely retrofittable, hidden and simple as never before - that's Plug & Play in 2022!

An upgrade available in different expansion stages allows the customized design of the sound system. The new UG VAG 14 universal 145 mm (6") woofer set in combination with the new UG VW28 T6.1 28 mm (1 1/8") fabric tweeter set forms the basis. To expand the bass fundament and the bass performance can now also be used in the passenger seat console mounted, active subwoofer in the downfire principle. The UG VW T-SUB KIT enables even sound propagation throughout the vehicle and easy installation of the subwoofer. A high-quality, German-made, solid metal holder for the active subwoofer. This bracket is screwed to the original seat console with the supplied metal clips and retaining screws, no additional holes are required for this. The extremely compact ETON MICRO 120.2 2-channel Class-D power amplifier can also be used for semi-active operation of the front speakers and brings a significant increase in efficiency and precision. For easy cabling of the ETON MICRO 120.2 and the USB 6 / USB 6 AR active subwoofer, the necessary power quadlock cable set is available - the ETON UG TCC (Transporter Connection Cable). This cable kit is already equipped with the exact connection plugs for the active subwoofer and the amplifier and is simply connected behind the original headunit. There is no need to run additional power cable to the individual components, also eliminates the need for additional fuse holders and the like! Plug and Play - 100% retrofittable (leasing vehicles) and completely integrated in the orignal installation locations!